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The origins of Hatha yoga have been traced back to the eleventh century A.D. The Sanskrit word ha means "sun" and tha means "moon," and thus Hatha, or literally sun-moon yoga, strives to balance opposing parts of the physical body, the front and back, left and right, top and bottom. Some yoga masters (yogis) claim that Hatha yoga was originally developed by enlightened teachers to help people survive during the Age of Kali, or the spiritual dark ages, in which Hindus believe we are now living.


Mental and Emotional Goals
Increase appreciation for the miracle that is our body and its healing powers.
Learn healthy ways to create relaxation.
Increase awareness for body limitations and learn when to challenge the body to move to new levels of fitness.
Notice and mark the body's progressive improvement in functioning.

Physical Goals
Stretch shortened muscles and return blood flow to healing areas of the body.
Promote balanced breathing and awareness of the breath and it's relationship to the flow of energy in the body.
Learn to use the breath to relax and lessen discomfort.
Learn how to rise comfortably from a prone position or a posture that challenges healing parts of the body.
Increase the range of motion available to the body.
Enjoy the movement and rest of the body again.

Spiritual Goals
Assist the body-mind to come into harmony and greater ease.
Become familiar with the spiritual teachings of yoga and enjoy the benefits of meditation.
Class will include a revitalizing relaxation session before closing.