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Deceptively resembling a stylish little stool, the Pilates Chair (most commonly known as the Wunda Chair or Stability Chair) is one versatile exercise machine. Don't let the word "chair" fool you - it's not necessarily a sit-down workout.

While many of these Pilates exercises are performed seated on top and pressing down on the step/pedal with your feet, others entail lying on the floor, standing straight up, lunging forward or doing push-up like moves with the arms.
More than 75 exercises can be performed on
the Chair - it makes it a great addition to your
physical fitness routine.

Once again, adjustable spring resistance is the key to challenge with this specialized piece of fitness equipment.

Stability Chair with Handles

While pressing down on the pedal with arms or legs, much of the stabilizing work is done by the torso - it's harder than it looks.

This apparatus activates the lower back, buttocks, shoulder, transverses abdominals and pelvic region and heightens neuromuscular coordination. From a rehabilitation perspective, the Stability Chair is particularly effective for stretching and rebalancing muscles that have
been strained or injured.

The Original design had one spring-loaded pedal. The Stott Stability Chair has been modified to expand the exercise potential. One such modification is splitting the pedals so one can work on rotational movement and reciprocal movement of the peripheral limbs. Handles, chair backs, rotational discs and other accessories can be added for increased variety.